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The Center for Languages and Cultures support all aspects of language learning and teaching. This includes valuing, celebrating, respecting, and promoting all cultures, as well as fostering cross-cultural understanding in our community.


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COVID-19 CLC Statement

During the spring semester 2021, the CLC will be available ONLY by reservation for a few hours during the week. Scroll down to Reserve the CLC to book the space. Language and culture events will be offered online. Check this site for announcements. If you have questions, please email the CLC at

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Located in Scharbauer Hall 3004, the CLC provides a flexible language learning and teaching space for students and teachers. We also offer language resources and professional development workshops for TCU faculty and the community.

For Students

All language learners can come to the CLC during open hours to study and work on language practice activities individually or in small groups. 
Student organizations can also reserve the center to host their events.

Peer Tutoring

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Language Peer Tutoring Program

Free peer tutoring is available to students enrolled in language classes in the Department of Modern Language Studies. Students who wish to work with a tutor need to request an appointment.

Meet the Tutors

Chengjin Tian

First and Second Year Chinese

你好! This is Jin, a music education student who can play double bass, pipa, and lot of Western and Chinese insterment. As a Chinese international student, I am looking forward to experiencing the charm of Chinese with you! Go frog!

Kathryn Piña

First and Second Year Italian

Ciao! My name is Kathryn Piña, but my Italian amici call me Violetta! I am a junior Vocal Performance Major and Italian Minor. I have been studying the beautiful Italian language for three years and currently serve as the Italian Club President and Co-Coordinator of the Italian Language House at TCU. I would be thrilled to help you on your Italian language journey by offering studying techniques, grammar help, and tips and tricks I have picked up over the years!

Jonathan Benzick

First and Second Year French

Elizabeth Potts

First and Second Year Italian

I’m Beth Potts, a senior History major and Italian minor. In my free time I enjoy painting, and here at TCU, I love being in band. I plan on becoming a teacher, and for now I am excited to help students with Italian.

Kaitlin Weeks

First and Second Year Japanese

Kaitlin is a music education student with a passion for Japanese language and culture. She enjoys making music and teaching students in music and language. Kaitlin is an active member of the Fort Worth Japanese Society and is the Community Coordinator of the TCU Japanese Language Club.

Claire Astrid Fuchs-First and Second Year Arabic

Marhaba! My name is Claire, and I am a Belgian-American Political Science major with minors in Chinese & French. For four years, I’ve worked with Syrian, Iraqi, Sudanese, Afghan, Congolese, and Rwandan refugees. Through this work, I was introduced to Arabic and Farsi/Dari, two languages I have since begun both scholastic and independent learning. I tutor MSA (Modern Standard Arabic/FusHa), Shaami (spoken in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Syria) and Egyptian Arabic dialects.

Alyssa Moore

First and Second Year Chinese

Olivia Garza

First and Second Year German

Olivia Garza is a first-year student of voice at TCU and has been studying German throughout her high school career. She enjoys music, languages, and especially Olive Garden. 

Claire Papac

First and Second Semester French


Student Resources 

The CLC is equipped with desktops and laptops (Mac and PC) that are connected to the university network, providing access to language learning software.  Stand alone microphones and video cameras are available to check out to the Studio, Scharbauer 3009.

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